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Maybe Your Franchisor Is Just Not That Into You

By Matt Side - September 29, 2020


Maybe your franchisor is just not that into you

Four ways to know your brand is (or isn’t) serious about support


How do you know you’re getting the support that you deserve from your national franchisor? It’s a good question these days, as all national, and even independent, real estate brands claim to be solely in the business of putting you first.

Let’s hope that we never again encounter a global pandemic like the one we’re currently experiencing, but it’s probably safe to say there will be more uncertainty, bear markets and economic falterings in our future. How does your franchisor respond? It’s actually an important question—not just for you but for your real estate professionals and those you hope to recruit.

Do you have the support you need to get through something like the national shutdown of real estate services during the COVID-19 pandemic? Even on a good day— do you have a franchisor that provides coaching and training, technical services and platforms and the very best marketing, all with excellent, 24×7 support?

Here are four ways to know your global franchisor really means it when they say it’s all about you.

No. 1 – COVID-19: Support when it matters most
What was your franchisor’s initial response to the pandemic? National shelter-in-place orders put our real estate careers desperately at risk, but what was more terrifying was the uncertainty of it all. When would we open again? Would our clients be ready to buy and sell homes? The right real estate brand used the sudden pause in activity as a time to kick into high gear its training and coaching, using all virtual technology available to stay in touch with their network daily. This was a time when you needed more support than ever and you needed the reassurance that your brand was devoted to your success.

No. 2 – Do they keep selling franchises in an uncertain market?
Does your national real estate franchisor have an appealing business model and stellar reputation in the industry that makes entrepreneurs seek them out even during an uncertain market?

The pandemic offered many people the opportunity to pause and think about making a change. When things are good, we get complacent and it’s more difficult for us to evaluate options like changing our national real estate brand. But this has been the optimal moment for many who decided it is now time to invest in the future of real estate.

No. 3 – Are they motivated by more than just a hot housing market?
When times are good, everyone makes money. The difficult times reveal those who operate more efficiently and those who have spent the necessary time preparing for whatever may be ahead. Those global real estate franchisors were able to sustain during the COVID pandemic and rather than worry about their own existence, but only a few were able to focus on helping their Brokers and real estate professionals survive.

Your franchisor should be the one to model effective business and operational planning so you don’t have to worry about your brand being around when the dust settles.

No. 4 – Support: It’s not a one-and-done thing
Yes, this has been a difficult time for so many of us on both a personal and professional level. But real estate and owning your own business has always been challenging. And the best way to manage the ups and downs is with a real estate brand that believes your relationship is a true partnership. Do you get support year-round, no matter the economy or housing market? If the answer to that is anything but a resounding yes, you have options.

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