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Realtors Giving Back ONE DAY

By Matt Side - May 09, 2022


ONE Day SpoCanopy Tree Planting

Every year we get together as a company to give back to our community, this year we chose to plant trees with the Lands Council and Spokane Urban Forestry. We had ONE amazing day helping plant trees for the West Central community! It feels good to give back and play a part in beautifying our backyard.

The neighbors were all so thankful for these trees that will be providing shade in the future for generations to come. The SpoCanopy project is such a blessing to the area. Volunteers, nonprofits, and the city coming together was truly a sight to behold.

This year has been a very chilly and wet spring which is helpful for planting trees. We were lucky, mother nature gave us a little break and waited to rain until our final planting. 🌳❤️☝️

If you're interested in the SpoCanopy program (with a goal of 40% tree canopy cover in Spokane by 2030), see if you qualify for a free tree and some SpokaneScape upgrades- https://my.spokanecity.org/urbanforestry/

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